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Rising up through the tides of life starts with you.

Your first task: Choose the session that resonates with you best. Not sure? Check out my About Coaching + Energy Work page to learn more about each.

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Private Coaching One-Month Package

A co-creative process to help you get unstuck and accomplish your goals



  • Four, 75-minute, virtual sessions (one per week)

  • Help with goal setting and removing obstacles

  • Accountability check ins at the beginning and end of each session

Breakthrough Session

A deep dive into one area of your life (​​family, relationship, career, spirituality, and health)



  • One, 8-hour virtual session broken up over one to two days, depending on your needs

  • One follow-up accountability session 

  • Ideal for those wanting to quickly get to the root of a problem to accomplish a specific goal faster

Image by Sasha Lebedeva
Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Energy Work​

A powerful therapy that helps balance, heal, and remove blockages from the body



  • One introductory call to explain the types of energy work I specialize in and choose what’s right for you

  • One, 45-minute energy release session

  • Option to attend the session or receive a follow up email with results if you do not wish to be present

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