• Jenny Swanson

Persistence May Bring Resistance

Swimming through the tides of life brings all sorts of expected and unexpected gifts. Sometimes when we set out to achieve a goal we are met with resistance. Some view that resistance as a means to turn back and forfeit the goal. However, I would like to invite you to view the resistance as a gift next time. It is likely that when resistance appears there is something we need to process in order to move forward with our goal.

For me personally, when I had decided to become a life coach I was faced with a lot of resistance. Once I figured out what that resistance was, which was fear of putting myself "out there", I allowed myself to stay stuck for a while and wallow in that fear. Once I recognized and saw my pattern of wallowing, I decided enough was enough and I needed to move forward rather than continue to drag my feet.

As a life coach I am trained to ask powerful questions that prompt action. I invite you to ask yourself, "is there any resistance that's currently holding me back from moving forward with a goal?". If your answer is yes, I invite you to also ponder, "what is the purpose of the resistance?" For me personally, it fear was a protection mechanism from not getting hurt.

I have learned that taking that leap of faith to become a life coach and put myself out there has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. I invite you to ask and reflect on any resistance that's holding you back from taking the plunge of faith towards your desired goal. Overcoming and moving through resistance may end up being the launch point to a life you never dreamed of having.

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