• Jenny Swanson

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) on Respect

Neuro Linguistic Programming, otherwise known as NLP, is like the hidden gem of communication when it comes to dialogue amongst ourselves as well as others. In NLP we learn to pick up on highly subtle hints and use them as clues when it comes to communication. This grants us a deeper look into our unconscious mind and gives use the opportunity to make changes to areas of our memories and physical responses that no longer serve us. It also offers copious amounts of tools to build rapport with others, which in turn, positively impacts our relationships with ourselves and others.

So why am I discussing this and how does it relate to respect? I would like to introduce you to NLP to give you a little background prior to jumping right into respect.

In the coming blog posts I would like to introduce you to the presuppositions of NLP. This is important in our daily lives as helps us to widen the lens of how we view and perceive daily interactions.

The first presupposition of NLP is respect for the other person's model of the world. Hearing respect for another's model of the world does not mean that you have to agree or accept someone else's viewpoint. It simply means that you respect they have a different viewpoint. I invite you to reflect to an oppositional viewpoint that a friend or family member has or had and observe how you responded to that. Did you respect it or argue it? If we can observe and respect that others have views that are different from our own we are one step closer to recognizing the balance in our world. For when we start to respect others viewpoints of the world we draw a calming balance from within ourselves.

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