• Jenny Swanson

Could These Six Words Change Your Week?

A good friend recently shared a quote from Matt Kahn that stated, "it's okay to not be okay". When I heard the quote I immediately froze and thought to myself, I needed to hear that. Today more than ever we are living in a world where everyday conversations typically have at least one mention of the novel coronavirus.

Personally, I have sensed a lot of panic and fear and through that there have been waves of welcomed and unwelcome emotions that have followed. Matt Kahn's quote sparked a sense of permission that I needed to hear. The quote allowed me to stop in my tracks and honor how I was feeling in the moment and I invite you to do the same. As humans, we all experience tides of emotions throughout life; however, now we are all experiencing the very same potential threat and fears due to the virus. While our emotions and feelings may vary to different degrees know that we are in this together and it is truly okay to not be okay.

As a coach, I was trained to ask single questions to spark curiosity and growth. So I invite you to check in with yourself, what emotions or thoughts come to mind? Whatever comes up I invite you to honor it. I also invite you to do this throughout your day. When we check in with ourselves and honor where we are at more frequently we bring a higher sense of self-awareness. Through that self-awareness implement and practice self-care routines that will help further ground us during this time and beyond.

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